Children and Preschool



Preschool and Children

What a joy and responsibility it is to nurture the  physical, mental and spiritual
growth of God’s precious little ones. Great care is taken to provide a safe, clean
and wholesome environment in which our preschoolers and children can learn.

   Some of the activities provided are:

¨ Bible study classes by age groups which are focused  on their level of understanding.

¨ Children’s Church combines music, puppets and crafts with a Bible focused lesson. Preschoolers and children move directly from the first hour of Bible study into Children’s Church on Sunday mornings.

¨ Musical opportunities through a Children’s Choir    provide for an attitude of praising and worshipping God.

¨ Mission programs are provided to develop the love and service to others. Mission Friends (for preschoolers), Girls in Action and Royal Ambassadors (girls  and boys, grades 1 - 6) focus on learning about the work of Southern Baptist Missionaries and provide hands-on ministry projects to share God’s love with others.